Our Services

Scientific Services

The HCA Group believes that sound science behind the brand makes all the difference. Under the direction of our highly qualified and experienced scientific services staff, we develop clinical content that is strategically and ethically sound. Our medical writers and editors follow a proven clinical development process and their tenacity for accuracy yields high quality professional communications.

Creative Services

The HCA Group’s Creative Services Team is staffed with talented, experienced professionals. We provide creative design and production services for each unique program utilizing relevant, custom medical illustrations and graphics that impact the delivery of the scientific content and messaging. Our program materials are fresh, interesting, and attractive which enhance participation and delivery of the content being presented.

Digital Services

The HCA Group understands that technology is an extremely important part of medical communications. Our digital services experts keep current on new technology and work closely with our creative and scientific services teams to create the most innovative programming available. Their work has reached and engaged target audiences in many convenient formats.

Client Services & Project Management

The HCA Group’s Client Services and Project Management Team has extensive knowledge and experience in the development and implementation of medical communications programs and initiatives. Our seasoned managers understand the therapeutic areas and the target audiences, and are current on individual corporate and industry-wide guidelines and ethics. They are responsible for managing the entire process from development through implementation including budget management as well as liaising and ongoing communication with our clients.

Meeting & Event Management

The HCA Group’s Meeting Services Team consists of skilled Certified Meeting Professionals (CMP) who are experienced with individual corporate and industry-wide guidelines in a rapidly changing environment. They organize a wide range of programs for our clients on a daily basis and ensure adherence to external and internal guidelines. The staff at the HCA Group focuses on the objectives of the meetings and handles the logistics precisely, from beginning to end, including: