KOLMS­® Portal

KOLMS­® is a Key Opinion Leader Management System that is a proprietary system of the HealthCare Alliance Group, LLC. It provides brand teams with a tool that can research, map, and track KOLs all in one place. KOLMS® offers the ability to optimize and better manage thought leader engagements and activities while keeping multiple team members up to date real time. It provides features such as automated research capabilities to better understand a KOL’s involvement in important areas such as publications, clinical trials, etc. Some of the other standard features include; tracking of contact information, KOL engagements (type, date, location, and attendees), publications, honoraria cap management, individual skills (written communications, complex to simple, scientific acumen, relatability, compliance), and ranking (national, regional, local). KOLMS® even has the capability to offer user levels of permissioned access to specific features across multiple roles or departments based on organization (licensee) parameters. This on demand portal is password protected, with a user friendly dashboard that allow users to input information with editing capabilities. It is customizable to the uniqueness of the organization (the licensee) who licenses the rights to use it. For more information or a demo on KOLMS® , email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

KOLMS® is a trademark of the HealthCare Alliance Group, LLC